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Free Anti-fraud protection that could mean significant savings for VAS advertisers

April 17th, 2018

We’ve all read the varying figures regarding how much mobile ad fraud is costing advertisers yearly, and without disputing which is the true figure, we can all agree it is well into the billions. And while there is no specific figure regarding the impact on the mobile VAS market, the entire ecosystem has suffered greatly over the past year due to an increase in fraudulent activity.

In this entry, the focus is on the attack of fraudsters “stealing” click-ids registered to ad networks and then sending hundreds to thousands of false petitions with this same click-id directly to the advertiser. These petitions are sent without ever passing through the ad network platform. The problem this causes to advertisers is multi faceted.


Firstly, these attacks cause systems to be slowed down greatly and can even provoke complete platform crashes. Secondly, advertisers incur additional tech support costs and 3rd party tracker costs that can soar to thousands per day due to the mass increase of traffic.

To give an example of the impact this can have, imagine a doorway that is built to allows 3 people to enter at that same time. Now imagine this door is suddenly bombarded by 300 people at the same time. The result can mean the door literally falls off its hinges. Furthermore, additional doors need to be built in order to manage the increase of traffic. Mass traffic attacks to advertisers platform can result in a similar effect to their platforms causing latency and revenue loss at a massive scale.

Thirdly, advertisers suffer from fraudulent subscriptions that are then made through the use of additional tactics including bots, iframing, device hijacking, etc.

ArmorAds Pro-Tech anti-fraud solution includes a FREE service to all ArmorAds advertisers, which includes an easy to implement software that allows multiple petitions from the same click-ids to be detected and deferred in real-time. This solution not only serves to defer click-ids from ArmorAds, but can also be configured to include click-ids from other networks. The result is a layer of free anti-fraud protection directly implemented on the advertiser’s servers protecting from cost increases, system latency and crashes, and fraudulent subscriptions.


“Once we began receiving notice of multiple petitions from repeated click-ids in key territories including MENA, India and Russia, our team tested the solution with premium partners. However, after analysis of the positive impact it had, we now offer the service to all of our advertisers worldwide” ,says Adrian Verge, Managing Director of ArmorAds.

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