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Tired Of Burning Away $$ On Fraudulent Ad Spends??

March 26th, 2018

Ad fraud continues to cause millions of dollars of wasted marketing budgets each year. While it tops the news headlines and keeps some of us up at night, there is still a trend to keep on spending without active fraud prevention in place. Recent data shows that more than 60% of marketers still lack fraud protection, which encourages fraudsters to continue on their journey of finding the loop holes to enter our campaigns and run away with our money.


At this juncture in time with an unprecedented rise in mobile advertising, it is more important than ever to demand fraud protection as part of the package that is offered by ad networks. More over, fraud protection should no longer be perceived as an “extra benefit”, but as a free of charge feature offered from reputable partners that are serious about driving ahead in mobile advertising eco-system.

A key vertical that has suffered decline over the past year is mobile VAS. A steady decline in Advertiser revenues has been caused by malicious traffic sources resulting in mobile carrier regulations and legal sanctions worldwide. Tactics include malicious app installations, device hijacking, fake users, masking referral urls, iframing, device identification manipulation and many more.

After more than one year of research and development, ArmorAds Pro-Tech launches as the innovative fraud prevention solution of ArmorAds, a global mobile advertising company. With more than 10 years in the mobile VAS industry, the team had a very clear vision and understanding of the mobile VAS playing field and the implications and frailty of each of the players involved. The aim of the solution is to provide visibility across performance marketing ecosystem for CPA, CPL and CPS products. Not only do advertisers and publishers benefit from not wasting money buying and selling fraudulent traffic, mobile network operators may have the most to gain by avoiding legal issues and unhappy subscribers.

Armor ads protech

ArmorAds Pro-Tech solution is constantly evolving and expanding its technology to defend against the latest fraudulent attacks. The basebone of the product focuses on 9 key tactics for detection and deferral of potentially fraudulent traffic.

  • Anti-iframe – scripts to prevent from conversions made through iframes
  • Malware APK blocking – identification of malicious apps
  • Bot detection and deferral – identification of robot generated clicks
  • Unique user optimization – precise identification for verification of data
  • Instant churn rate management – identification and blocking of publisher producing high churn
  • Elimination of $0 revenue mass traffic – defer $0 traffic to avoid latency and loss of income
  • Key Performance Indicators – benchmarking to alert of unusual behavior
  • Referral URLs – identification of potentially malicious urls
  • Click verification system – script for advertisers servers to protect against multiple malicious petitions

“We are very pleased with the current platform and after more than one year of testing, have proven successful cases. Advertisers have achieved longer campaign lifetimes with increased ARPUs which allows for higher budgets and increased payouts, and as a result in overall higher eCPMS. This was the number one priority of the company as we believe the future of the mobile VAS industry will decline severely without a secure solution in place” says Adrian Verge, Managing Director of ArmorAds.

“Although the process of analysis and technical development is a never ending journey, we are confident that our advancements are in pace if not faster than the fraudsters” adds Verge.

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