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Preventing mobile ad fraud

Why ArmorAds Pro-Tech

Ad fraud has become one of the most threatening issues in performance marketing. Tactics include malicious app installations and device hijacking, fake users, masking referral urls, iframing, device identification manipulation and many more.

ArmorAds Pro-Tech provides a comprehensive and tactical approach to fighting ad fraud through innovative machine learning technology, big data analysis, and expertise in digital traffic detection to protect your campaigns from revenue loss and compliance regulations.

Protecting the mobile VAS ecosystem



A script that prevents a click from opening an iframe. In addition to the implementation at the ad network level, all content providers must implement this script to their landing page and/or CG page as a mandatory requirement to purchase traffic. Landing pages are continuously monitored to ensure the script is enabled and traffic is only sent to script enabled partners.


Malware APK Blocking and Whitelisting

Machine learning technology analyzes every click coming from an app in real time to protect from fraudulent apps responsible for device hijacking, fake users and auto-subscriptions. Suspicious app traffic is automatically detected and blocked from reaching any campaign, resulting in the deliverance of only approved traffic sources. In addition to detection technology, ArmorAds has a large database of fraudulent apps that has been built up over the past years and these are automatically blacklisted from all campaigns.


Bot Detection and Deference

We detect over 72k distinct bot types each day. Using real-time identification of patterns, fraudulent traffic is dismissed allowing only quality traffic to reach your campaigns.


Unique User Optimization

Precise user identification for detection of fraudulent activity.

  • Real user validation
  • Already registered user
  • Out of target user
  • Repetitive user
  • Hourly/daily/weekly/monthly subscription caps

Instant Churn Rate Management

Automatic analsyis and optimization based on user engagement to identify and block sources producing high churn rates.


Elimination of $0 Revenue Mass Traffic

Massive traffic detection and analysis to identify $0 revenue sources that provoke latency in operator systems and loss of income.


Key Performance Indicators

Benchmark performance indicators such as CTR%, CR%, eCPM and payout are monitored with real-time technology to alert of unusual traffic behaviors.


Referral URLs

Detection and analysis of referral urls to identify potentially fraudulent traffic and defer traffic in real-time.


Click Verification System

Proprietary software placed on advertiser servers to protect against multiple malicious petitions.

Daily clicks prevented from reaching campaigns by ArmorAds Pro-Tech

Based on an average of 1B clicks/day


clicks from iframes

Malware APK blocking and whitelisting

requests from malware APK’s

Unique user optimization

accesses from duplicate users

Instant churn rate management

clicks coming from high-churn traffic sources

Elimination of $0 revenue mass traffic

Key performance indicators

from sources with abnormal traffic behavior

Referral URLs

from blacklisted sites


ArmorAds Pro-Tech innovative anti-fraud solution is the result of the rising threats that currently plague performance marketing. Due to a surge in fraudulent activity powered by ingenious tactics and smart technology, advertisers are faced with shrinking revenues and a snowballing increase of compliance and legal issues. Our goal is to provide visibility across the ecosystem of CPA, CPL, and CPS products resulting in high-quality, clean traffic to campaigns to improve lifetime values and scalability of your business.

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